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We have been using Pacheco's Cleaning Service since August 2011.  We are new to the Temecula area so finding a reliable company/person, who would be in our home every month and have access to our stuff/home was an important decision for us. After interviewing several cleaning companies and after meeting Danielle and Mario  we knew right away that they were the one's.
We started on a trial basis and were very pleased with their thoroughness and attention to detail.  We engaged them to come twice a month for three hours per visit.  We have a 4 Bedroom, 3 bath home with 4 kids so there is always something falling on the floor, corners, smudges, you name it.  What they get done in 3 hours in my opinion is simply amazing.  There have been a few times where they even stayed longer to make sure the job was done right.

For the first three months I was working from a home office and they are very professional and there to work and they were very nice but very respectful of my time and didn't engage me with chit-chat unless I engaged them.

If you are looking for a trustworthy, prompt and thorough home cleaning service provider, I encourage you to give them a try.  I rarely give out 5 stars but in the 9 months I have been dealing with Danielle, I have not had one thing that I could point to that did not meet or exceed our expectations!

Consistency, trust and thoroughness are what come to mind when talking about Pacheco's Cleaning Service.  Our busy family of six loves coming home to a sparkling clean home which they deliver with excellence.  Their competitive rates, exceptional deep cleaning and attention to detail make this a truly great team of professionals.  Highly recommended!
Christian M.

Pacheco's Cleaning Service not only has wonderful customer service but, but the Family owned business does a tremendous job. Your house will be sparkling and new when they are done. I have used Pacheco's cleaning for a long time and I'am never disappointed with the end result. I mostly appreciate the way they listen to what your needs are and they are very accommodating.
Bridget R.

We are new to Eastvale and the surrounding area and were completely lost on how to find a new cleaning service. We needed a team that was Professional, Honest, Thorough, and Affordable.

So onto yelp I went and found Pacheco's Cleaning service because of there 5 STAR stellar reviews. I am sure everyone would agree that finding an awesome cleaning service is the best Gem you can find out there and Pacheco's cleaning service truly is that sparkly Gem.

I had called many companies for quotes and most were outrageous! So I called Danielle from Pacheco's and she was able to come out of her way that very same night to give me a quote for a monthly service. She was very friendly and gave me a good vibe. Her quote was right about where I wanted to be and I felt that she was very fair so I didn't even have the nerve to bargain with her. So we setup an appointment for a deep clean for the first time then a regular monthly visit to keep our house up to par.

Mario (Danielle's husband) and family member Melissa are the regular cleaning crew, they came on the day and time requested even a few minutes early.When they were done our house looked amazing! They even stayed an extra hour than agreed with no charge to make sure everything was done, no skimping! Down to Melissa's detailing our master bathroom with a razor blade to take off build up soak scum, and Mario's expertise in the kitchen everything was perfect which is hard t
o do in our Large 4,300 sq ft home.

When they left that day I was so happy thinking to myself did it only take 1 try to find a great cleaning service! That never happens! Thinking maybe first time was the charm I was skeptical at how great they were....

So months down the road now and they are still absolutely amazing! My spouse and I both being self employed have very busy schedules on top of having a toddler :) and don't have time to keep up the house ourselves.

It is such a treat! I love the fact that I can have Pacheco's cleaning service come in once a month to clean our home! They enter our home when we are not there and I don't have to worry that they are going to be dishonest, skimp on the job or leave earlier than agreed. They take there Company,Job & Reputation seriously. 

You can count on Pacheco's Cleaning service for friendly professional customer service, showing up on time , Reliable, HONEST, Affordable, Taking pride and doing a great job every time!!! I really can't say anything more, they are awesome and I am glad to have found them!
David L.